The Sojourn Solution

Where GPS ends at the curb, Sojourn provides last-meters precision delivery

Sojourn technology is different from any current delivery navigation solution because we allow for the customer to dictate precisely where each delivery is completed 

There Is A Major Need For Precision, Commercial Delivery

We bridge the gap between customer preference and courier delivery placement 


Our rate of precision is measured in millimeters on the XYZ axis.

Current Delivery Methods

Current delivery methods tend to fall significantly short of the customers expectations. It often times might not be the couriers fault, but the technology they are forced to work with.

The Sojourn Solution

Sojourn has solved the last mile of delivery. Not only is the customer going to be more than satisfied, but the courier will no longer have to take the blame for a delivery not arriving to the correct location.

Additional Benefits

Increase efficiencies across last-mile value chain

Increase customer satisfaction, retention, and spend

Wayfinding to set delivery points

Supported by human, drone and bot couriers

Sojourn’s cross-device solution is platform agnostic and can be integrated into current tech stacks

Sojourn technology is compatible with many types of platforms and operating systems. It is not limited to any device. Whether it’s a wheeled robot or a flying drone, Sojourn’s technology can help get stuff exactly where it needs to go. Our technology is supplementary to existing navigation for drone & robot couriers, so when drones are ready to take off, so are we.

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