The Sojourn


Sojourn provides a unique and first-of-its-kind technologically advanced solution for delivery that enables customer intent to be understood and executed by drone or human couriers via mobile app. Our computer vision stack + SaaS platform delivers an end-to-end solution that bridges human intent to drone purpose. 

Each delivery creates data that is used to improve subsequent deliveries on the Sojourn platform, creating effortless and more precise deliveries. 


Delivery Setup

Customer uses phone to perform an algorithmic analysis of their environment and place a specific delivery point.

Data to the Cloud

Encoded data is stored on the cloud and CRM, ready to be assigned to courier.

Data to Courier

Encoded data is assigned to the drone or human courier.


Delivery Completion

Upon arrival, courier performs algorithmic analysis to find commonalities and reveal delivery point.


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Human intent to drone

There is a major need in commercial drone delivery adoption: last meter precision. The current drone navigation stack is incapable of solving the last meters of delivery. Only by bridging human intent to drones, will this hurdle be overcome. Thanks to delivery points created by customers within their spatial environment, Sojourn’s technology provides last meter navigation, without additional hardware while preserving privacy.


End-to-End Solutions

Sojourn has created a state-of-the-art solution that easily integrates with any CRM platform, offering smooth and accurate product delivery directly into customers hands. This platform is entirely scalable for millions of concurrent autonomous missions, yet offers superior precision and resources so each flight can be completed with an assurance of quality.


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