Frequently Asked Questions

How does a consumer set a Sojourn delivery point?

A consumer uses their smartphone camera and quickly scans their delivery environment. They then click to place a delivery point in or near the scanned location.

Does a delivery point need to be set on the ground level?

No. Delivery points can be set in three-dimensions allowing for delivery precisely where customers want them, whether it’s a tabletop or a second-story balcony.

Is a special app needed to set a delivery point?

No. Sojourn technology easily integrates into popular delivery and shopping apps. No additional apps are needed. 

Can this be used for drone or robotic delivery?

Yes. This can easily be deployed for drone or robot couriers whether human-operated or autonomous.

Are pictures taken of my property?

No. Small data points are collected, that can only be interpreted by Sojourn algorithms. At no time is a picture taken of a customer’s location.

What is a Sojourn map?

Sojourn technology creates a three-dimensional point-cloud map of a customer’s environment on a micro-scale such that it cannot be replicated. Precise delivery points are tied to this map. When couriers arrive they find commonalities between the map and the environment in their view, which reveals the customer created delivery point.

Does this technology replace GPS?

No. Sojourn does not replace GPS. It is a complementary technology that is used in conjunction with GPS to specify precise spatial location to a degree that GPS is unable.

Where can a delivery point be set?

A delivery point can be set anywhere. This allows for precise delivery by couriers, even indoors or in internet dead zones.

Is a special device needed to use the technology?

No special hardware is needed to use Sojourn technology. It works on RGB cameras that are currently on all smartphone devices.

Does a delivery point need to be set for every delivery?

No. A set delivery point remains persistent for subsequent deliveries, and can be used for other companies delivering with Sojourn technology.

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