Supported Delivery Solutions

We Allow The Customer To Decide When A Delivery Is Complete

Have you ever ordered food to your house, waited 45+ minutes, then got a notification saying your food is at the porch, only to open the door and see that nothing is there. Was it delivered to the wrong house? Was is Stolen? You never really know. Sojourn has solved this problem.

 Sojourn offers a first-of-its-kind solution for delivery that enables customer intent to be understood and executed by human or robotic couriers via mobile app. Our computer vision stack + SaaS platform delivers an end-to-end solution that bridges human intent to courier purpose. 

Grocery Delivery

Your groceries no longer have to sit on your porch all day while you’re at work. Have all your perishables in the fridge, exactly where you want them, when you get home.

Ghost Kitchen Delivery

Sitting in your backyard by the pool? Have the courier safely deliver your food to you without having to meet him at the door.

Supply Chain Delivery

Amazon, Walmart or Target fanatic too? No matter where your package is coming from, we Sojourn makes sure your package arrives exactly where you expect it to. 

Short Term Rental/
Vacation Home Delivery

If you manage an Air BnB, this is will be a life saver. Have a courier re-stock your bathrooms and add a “Welcome” bottle of wine to the table.

First Responder Delivery

We can provide critical supplies in emergency situations in a timely manor. 

Pharmaceutical Delivery

Get your prescriptions or other medial goods delivered safely to your home and out of reach of any pets or young children. 

Sojourn can currently be licensed through code-documented Direct API Integration into existing infrastructures, with readiness to build CRM and Point of Sale partner integrations natively.


Delivery Setup

Customer uses phone to perform an algorithmic analysis of their environment and place a specific delivery point.

Data to the Cloud

Encoded data is stored on the cloud and CRM, ready to be assigned to courier.

Data to Courier

Encoded data is assigned to the delivery courier.


Delivery Completion

Upon arrival, courier performs algorithmic analysis to find commonalities and reveal delivery point.

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