Supported Delivery Solutions

We Allow The Customer To Decide Where A Delivery Is Complete

Sojourn offers a unique Point Cloud Localization System allowing consumers to pinpoint where they prefer product placement inside or outside the home. Where GPS can be limited in precision and often denied in urban settings, our system has the ability to upgrade current navigation stacks enabling the last-mile with precision, persistence, and authenticated parcel placement.

Grocery Delivery

Current delivery methods leave groceries on the front porch where they are susceptible to spoilage, pests/pets, and theft. With Sojourn, couriers can place groceries in the fridge, exactly where customers want them. 

Food Delivery

Food delivery couriers can be given the information they need to complete a delivery exactly how the customer wants, helping them earn better tips.  

Supply Chain Delivery

With customers able to specify where they want their packages delivered, couriers will have 100% authentication of completing a delivery successfully to the correct address, reducing lost and stolen packages. 

Short Term Rental/
Vacation Home Delivery

Vacation rentals can have repeatable delivery of supplies to exact locations in the home before each reservation.

First Responder Delivery

Delivery of medical supplies in the field to precise locations can be life-saving to patients in need. 

Pharmaceutical Delivery

 Prescriptions and other medical supplies can be delivered safely to those in need and out of reach of any pets or young children. 

Sojourn can currently be licensed through code-documented Direct API Integration into existing infrastructures, with readiness to build CRM and Point of Sale partner integrations natively.


Delivery Setup

Customer uses phone to perform an algorithmic analysis of their environment and place a specific delivery point.

Data to the Cloud

Encoded data is stored on the cloud and CRM, ready to be assigned to courier.

Data to Courier

Encoded data is assigned to the delivery courier.


Delivery Completion

Upon arrival, courier performs algorithmic analysis to find commonalities and reveal delivery point.

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