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Our computer vision stack + SaaS platform is ready to deploy and integrate with CRMs to safely deliver your product precisely into your customer’s hands.

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About Ted

Ted Vergis has over 10 years of cleantech experience in energy efficiency, commercial construction, energy storage, and renewables in the B2B and B2C space. As an award winning leader of sales organizations at both pre and post -IPO companies, he has been responsible for nearly $1BN in deployed construction projects across North America. 

About Dan

Dan is the founder & GP of Ascend Venture Capital, a thematic pre-Series A firm focused on data-centric tech companies that has performed among the top 95% of global VCs. Formerly the CFO/COO of high-growth logistics startups FreightWaves and Invisibly, Dan has cultivated a career in enabling the future states of industries. As Board Advisor, his goal is to guide the Sojourn team to build strategic operational and financial infrastructure that scales without having to slow down. 

About Ihab

Ihab brings 20+ years of executive experience focusing on General Management, Marketing, Commercial Leadership, and Senior Consultancy roles. Ihab has 18+ years with Procter and Gamble where he excelled in multiple business game changing director roles in the core marketing field and in the commercial / sales domain.  One of his key strengths is his ability to develop robust sustainable category strategies to win in the market place; this is all while juggling hands on leadership and strategic management techniques as tailored and desired by the market. Ihab is based in Geneva, Switzerland. 

About Ayman

Ayman Shoukry is the CTO of Specright, the first purpose-built platform for Specification Data Management. Ayman started his career with the Microsoft Developer Division product groups where he spent over 15 years. He then joined HireRight where he was the company’s CTO and part of the executive team who drove the company’s successful exit and its acquisition by a major private equity. Ayman also spent some time in Amazon as part of the core e-commerce platform team. His goal is to make sure Sojourn is always focused on solving big enough problems that revolutionize the industry. 

About Pat

With three major exits under his belt, Pat Kelly brings extensive experience as a technology entrepreneur to Sojourn. Most recently he co-founded and was CEO of Nitero, a wireless virtual reality (VR) startup which he sold to Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) in 2017. Earlier in his career, he was Director of Engineering at Intel through the acquisition of Level One Communications, where Pat led the development of networking solutions, accounting for over half of the company’s revenue.

Let's Collaborate

Our computer vision stack + SaaS platform is ready to deploy and integrate with CRMs to safely deliver your product precisely into your customer’s hands.

Please reach out with questions or to schedule a meeting with the Sojourn team

About Michael

Michael Hill is a software developer specializing in the implementation and application of emerging technologies. For the past 5 years he has developed interactive experiences for companies such as HTC, Adidas, and Holland America. Prior to moving to Portland, Oregon, he did research and development building sales tools for Fortune 500 companies at Wild Blue Technologies in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Michael seeks to bring Sojourn’s vision to fruition by understanding the needs of the drone delivery market and to discover the utility of their technology in new spaces.

About Jamie

Jamie Harkrider, Chief Strategy Officer, brings 15+ years experience in market and growth strategy advising start-ups, small to mid-sized, and large corporations to scale business and product development to innovation ecosystems globally. At Sojourn, she will guide go-to-market strategy, corporate development, alliances and partnerships, and product marketing. Prior to Sojourn, Jamie has served as International Investment Consultant for a number of leading international hubs in western Europe and Canada.

About Matt

Sojourn Co-Founder Matt Freie has spent a decade in the supply chain and packaging industry servicing thousands of companies large and small by mastering their distribution needs. He is applying his experience to enable partners to integrate Sojourn’s platform from the digital world into the analog. Matt will help to reshape current supply chains and reverse logistics models to incorporate Sojourn enabled devices and vehicles. 

About Sven

Sojourn Co-Founder Sven Mesecke brings multiple decades of experience in successful frontier technology product development. In tandem, he has been active in industry standards development with contributing author credit on multiple published standards and other industry specifications. As a Co-Founder of Nitero, Sven contributed to both the product design and funding strategy of a multi-year wireless chipset solution which was acquired by Advanced Micro Devices.

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